How do I edit a reference?

In order to edit a reference you must have permission to do so—only Administrators and the creating Author have permission to edit a Reference. Understand that if a reference is cited in multiple courses, any changes made to the reference in the Reference Manager will be reflected in ALL courses. To see if others have cited the reference, select it and select Usage. A list of all the courses using the reference will be displayed.

To edit a reference:

  1. From the Application Menu, select Current Course.
  2. Select Add Reference.
  3. Select the reference you wish to edit. You can search for a specific reference by typing key words (ie: author’s name, title, etc.) into the Search field located above the list of references. You can also filter your search by selecting the Current Course or All from the top left of the Manage References panel. 
  4. Select Edit.
    Note: if you do not have permission, Edit will not be available.
  5. The Reference Information panel will open. Make the desired edits and select Submit to save. 
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