How do I add a citation to a glossary term?

You can use Claro's Citation feature to cite references for glossary terms. These references will appear in the course Bibliography along with the other course references, as well as in the Source field of the given glossary term.

To add a citation to a glossary term:

  1. From the Application Menu, select Current Course.
  2. Select Add Glossaries.
  3. Select the term for which you want to add a citation, and select Edit.
  4. Under the Source section of the Term Information window, select the (...) button.
  5. The Reference Manager will open, and you can now select the desired reference or add a new one if needed. Enter label information if necessary, and select Submit.
  6. You will now see the cited information under the Source section of the glossary term. Select Submit to accept these changes.

Note: Glossary terms may have only a single citation each.

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