How do I add a Flash Variable ( Flash Vars / FlashVars ) to a SWF file in my course?

To add a Flash Variable to a SWF in your course:

  1. Insert Upload and insert the SWF file as you normally would.
  2. Select the Flash file and open the Flash Setting Tab in the ribbon.
  3. Select the Properties button.
  4. Select the Playback tab in the Edit Multimedia Properties right fly-out.
  5. Select New Variable.
  6. If you are using one of the sample SWFs located at the bottom of this article:  
    a) In  the left field input “variable1” which is the name of the variable in the sample.
    b) In the right field input the text the sample variable should display
  7. Otherwise add the variables you have in your SWF.
  8. Select Update.
  9. Preview Page. 

Your page should preview and the SWF will now have the Flash Vars passed in at load.

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