How do I import Test Questions from Excel?

You can quickly upload a set of questions (True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Pulldowns, Fill in the Blanks) from Excel using Claro's Test Question Import Template.
  1. From the Application Menu, select Import, then select Test Questions from Excel to open the Import Question Modal.
  2. Select the Click here to download the template link from the modal. Once the file has download, open the file and follow the instructions provided therein to create your test questions.
  3. Repeat Step 1. From the Import Questions From Excel menu in Claro, select the applicable Import Options, "Insert the questions in the current Module" and/or "Insert the questions in the current Learning Object".
  4. Select the Upload button and browse to your questions Excel file. 
  5. Select Open to choose the file.
  6. Select Import From Excel. The new questions will appear in your course structure when the download is complete.
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