How to Disable and Enable the Menu Button

To use Page Actions to disable or enable the menu button during course playback:
1.Select the page you want to disable/enable the menu on.
2.Click the Animate tab.
3.Click the Timings dropdown icon and select Player Controls.
4.In the right fly out, click the Function dropdown.
5.Select either “Enable the menu button” or “Disable the menu button.”
Note: Once you have disabled the menu you have to explicitly enable it or call show/hide menu in the content in order to enable it again. The disabled status will carry over on subsequent pages unless you specifically enable the menu once more.
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    Elise England

    At least on my Claro, there is no Timings dropdown. And when I click Actions, then Player Controls, the menu isn't even listed.

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    Paul Schneider

    Hi Elise,

    You are actually using Flow - and the interface is slightly different than described here. You would click on Animate -> Player controls. That being said. In Flow update this is an option at the theme level. When you create a new theme (you must be an admin) you can turn the menu control off for the theme)