How do I create a poster image for video or Flash files?

How do I create a poster image for a movie element?

A poster image is a placeholder used by Claro to represent a video or Flash element before it has been loaded. Poster images are also used in print exports. 
To add a poster image to a movie element:
  1. Click the Media Library icon on the QuickLinks bar located in the upper left corner of Claro.
  2. Select the Video or Flash element for which you wish to add a poster image.
  3. Click the Edit button located on the Details Panel.
  4. Click the Browse... in the Properties section.
  5. Select the file you would like to use for your poster image, and click Open.
  6. The image will be identified once uploaded and in preview mode, if the video or Flash element doesn't play automatically, users will see the poster image. In Print they will see the Poster image and the video name and description.
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