What do the tags that show in my export for translation/exported text mean?

When exporting your text from Claro for translation or exporting as text, there are a number of control tags that are included within that text. These tags are used to describe the content that is inside the tag, most commonly links to References/Citations and Glossary terms. Tags are also used to show text emphasis like Italics, Bold, Underline and Super/Sub Script. These tags are included within the exports to ensure the translator is aware of the context behind the tagged words. Note that these tags cannot be altered or removed during any external processing of your text, if they are they will lose any of the associated links/emphasis when imported back into Claro.

These tags can cause misses within translation processing tools (translation memory) and systems. To help improve processing by these systems, this article will outline all the tag structures that are exported. This will allow your translation tool or provider to update their system to account for these tags. Doing so will provide better translation roundtrips of you content.

All tags may include an id attribute.

The tags are as follows:


  • Actions/Text Link <a class="dki-text-action-link" data-actionid="#" data-id="#" data-textlinkid="#" href="#">Text Link or Action</a> 
  • Block Justified <div class="dki-justify dki-justify-block">Block justified text</div>
  • Bold <span class="dki-text-style-bold-">Bold text, sentence or paragraph</span>
  • Course Style <claro_style class="dki-text....">html content</claro_style>
  • Font Color <span style="color:#ff0000;">Text with a different font color.</span>
  • Glossary <span class="dki-glossary-link" data-id="#">Glossary Term</span>
  • Italics <span class="dki-text-style-italic-">Italics text, sentence or paragraph</span>
  • Left Justified <div class="dki-justify dki-justify-left">left justified text</div>
  • Middle Justified <div class="dki-justify dki-justify-center">Middle justified text</div>
  • Right Justified <div class="dki-justify dki-justify-right">Right justified text</div>
  • References/Citations <span class="dki-citation-link"  data-citationid="20">Cited text, sentence or paragraph</span> 
  • Strike-through <span class="dki-text-style-strike">Super text</span>
  • SuperScript  <sup>Superscript</sup>
  • SubScript <sub>Subscript</sub>
  • Text Background color <span style="background-color:#ffff00;">Highlighted Text</span>
  • Underline <span class="dki-text-style-underline-">Underlined text, sentence or paragraph</span>
  • Variables <span class="dki-inline-variable" contenteditable="false" data-variable-id="{variable_id}" unselectable="on"><span class="dki-inline-variable-name" contenteditable="false" unselectable="on">{variable_name}</span></span>


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