Add an Entrance Effect to elements on a page

You can select an Entrance Effect to occur to an element when a page is loaded or after a delay.

To apply an Entrance Effect:

  1. Click the Animate tab.
  2. Select an element on your page (or use Shift-click to select a number of elements).
  3. Click a button in the Entrance Effect area to choose a Fade In, Slide In, Drop In, Fly In, or Roll In effect (None is the default).
  4. Enter a number of seconds and milliseconds if you want the effect to occur after a Delay.
  5. Select a Direction such as Left, Right, Up, or Down.
Note: The default Entrance Effect for new courses is set to Fade In. That means all items added to a page (a content, practice, or test question page) use this effect. You can change the default effect on the Animate tab in the Entrance Effect area or set it to None if you prefer no effect.

Note: Certain networks have experienced issues with the Slide effect when used with rich media. If you are consistently experiencing issues when using Slide in conjunction with rich media, you may want to select an alternate effect such as Fade.

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