How do I insert a Text Input box on a page that learners can enter text into?

NOTE: This article contains changes as per the February 2013 release.

Text Input in the Widget area of the Insert tab ribbon is a box that learners can enter text into on your course page.

This text box may be used in software simulations or for cases where you'd like the learner to enter a written response.

To add an interactive Text Box to your page:

  1. Click the Insert tab.
  2. Click the Text Input button in the Widget area.
  3. Click an area on your page to position the top left corner of your Text Input box. Once the box is added to your page, you can drag the handles to re-size it or drag to re-position it.
  4. When you preview the course or a learner takes the course, text can be entered into the box.
NOTE: There is no verification or validation when text is entered in the box. Once the learner moves on, the text is gone.
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