How do I allow the user to print a course page?

NOTE: This article contains changes as per the February 2013 release.

You can add an action to allow the user to print the current course page.

To add an action to an element to print the current page:

  1. Select an element on the stage or insert a pre-built button (see Insert a button for more information).

  2. Click the Interaction tab.

  3. Select Actions in the Element Interactions area.

  4. Click Player Controls.

  5. Select Print the current page.

  6. When you preview or view the page, select the element you added the action to.

  7. Print the page.

NOTE: You can also choose to Print the current page from the Page Actions Player Controls but then the Print dialog box opens as soon as the action is performed. In most cases, it is preferable to allow the user to choose the option to print using an element such as a printer icon or text element.

NOTE: There is a Printer image in the Technology category of the Clipart Browser you may want to use.
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