Why does my course have vertical scroll-bars (scrolling) on the right side of the window?

Vertical scroll-bars are added to courses as required when content goes beyond the bottom of the content area (for example, if an element is placed below the bottom of the content stage area). This can be very handy for courses viewed on a smartphone or tablet, as users often expect to do some scrolling to see all of the content.

On a course with the Player Layout set to Navigation Top and Bottom, you can turn off scrolling if you want. For example, you may have unintentionally or intentionally placed an element partway off the content area (for example, to clip a shape or image).

To turn off scrolling on a Navigation Top and Bottom course:

  1. Double-click the course name n the Course structure.
  2. The Course Properties right-panel opens.
  3. Uncheck the Scrolling checkbox.
  4. Click Update.


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