Add an HTML package using the widget as a page to your course

You can add your own HTML objects as reusable assets to Claro. HTML objects are made up of an HTML file and its supporting assets. To make it easy to add to Claro, first zip your HTML object and assets or asset folders into a single compressed file.

To add an HTML object:

  • From the Insert tab toolbar, click the HTML Widget button in the Widget section.
  • The Media Library opens.
  • Click the HTML Widget library on the left panel and click the Upload HTML Widget button to upload and import your zipped file. Browse to your file, select it, and click Open. Click Upload.
  • The upload will complete and the system will check the package for viruses and unzip it. Once unzipped, a dialog box opens.
  • Enter the information required in the default file window:
    • Default File starting page name (this should appear in a drop-down list for you to select).
    • Title (what the object will be called in the Media Library).
    • Width and Height (the width and height of the HTML object, which should not be greater than your Claro course dimensions).
    • Border (choose on or off to apply a border around the object).
    • Scrolling (choose on, off, or auto for scrollbars)
  • Click the Done button.
  • In the Media Library, select the HTML object and click Insert.

Note: For information on our Content API see: Content API and HTML Widgets

Note: If the Default File list is empty after you have uploaded your widget, examine your zip file and ensure that your launch page for the widget is contained in the root of the zip file and not inside of a directory.

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