Undo and Redo with history functionality

Undo/Redo with history functionality is available on the QuickLinks toolbar at the top of the Claro screen. This opens a drop-down display of the available actions for undo and redo.

Undo/redo can also be controlled using the shortcut keys "Ctrl+Z" for Undo and "Ctrl+Y" for Redo.

With undo/redo, you can undo and redo the following:

  • move/resize elements (images, text, shapes, etc.)
  • text changes (text elements and tables)
  • image edits with the image editor
  • color changes on shapes (for fill, gradient, position, direction, transition—does not include rollovers and line color)

Undo/redo history is course-wide (meaning it will hold records of undo/redo for each page even if you switch pages).

If you check in a page, it will remove the undo/redo records for that page.

Switching courses will remove all current undo/redo records.

The history does not persist after closing Claro (or if two users are using the same course, they do not have access to the same undo/redos).

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