What can I do with a course published as a Web package rather than SCORM?

You can publish a course from Claro as a Web package if you don’t require course completion and test tracking. The course is downloaded from Claro as a zipped package and can be uploaded to a web server.

The course is not intended to run directly on your desktop computer. There are security restrictions on most browsers that prevent running “active content”.

Contact your IT or web administrator in order to prepare a site for the course. The entire course contents are stored on the web server in a folder/directory named for the course. The site should have the file “index.html” configured as the default document to play the course easily.

To use a published web package on a website:

  1. Publish the course as a Web package in Claro. See Publish a course as a Web package for details.
  2. Download the course to your desktop or other folder on your computer.
  3. Unzip or extract the .zip package.
  4. Transfer the entire course contents to the course folder on the web site.
  5. Obtain the URL link of the website with the full path including the course folder name (e.g. our Art Appreciation by Design course is at this URL:
  6. Share the link.
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