How do I add a page from the Template Library to my course?

You can use Claro templates to get a quick start making interactive content for desktop, smartphone and Flow courses. There are lots of categories with different layouts and designs. You can add your own content easily using the template forms view. The pages align with your course theme and are fully customizable once you add them to your course!

To add a template as a page to your course:

  1. Click the Template button on the Home tab.
  2. Select New Page From Template.
  3. The Template Browser opens. Select a template category from System Templates, Global Templates, or if applicable, Project Templates.
    Note: System Templates come standard with Claro, while Global and Project Template are those created by you or your team.
  4. The templates in the category display (some categories have a lot of templates so may take a few moments to load).
  5. Next, select a template layout and click Use This Template to open it for preview. The template is shown using your course theme. Click Cancel if you want to choose another layout.
  6. The preview is interactive. If there are buttons on the preview, click them to see the elements of the template design.
  7. The template placeholder title and description appear in the Details area. Enter your own text as a Title and Description for the page. Click OK to use the template.
  8. The template is added to your course and the Forms View opens so that you can enter your information into the fields.
  9. Click a Changeable Element in the list at left. Selected elements are highlighted in dashed red boxes in the Preview area. The placeholder content appears in the editing area.
    1. Note: The Buttons area has a hotspot as its source that controls a group of elements. The elements are grouped together in the list to show they have a functional relationship in the template, even if elements are not a direct target of the hotspot.
    2. Note: Some templates have options that are not required in the interaction. Click X (delete) to remove the option and its associated elements.
  10. Enter your Text content in the editing area. Select any format options you want. Media content can be selected from the People, Clipart, or Media Library buttons. You can see the size of the placeholder image below the editing area if you want to match the replacement image’s size.  
    Note: In the Animated Scenario template, some of the images are re-used and need only be updated once.
  11. Click Save to update your information. A checkmark appears next to each element as you update.
  12. The Preview pane shows you immediately the updates you make to changeable elements and buttons.
  13. Click the Done button when you’re finished to close the Template Browser.
  14. Your page is added at the end of the Learning Object currently selected.

Once you’ve added the template page to your course, preview it. Some template interactions have buttons that move forward to the next page, so you may want to preview the course from the current page (click Preview in the QuickLinks toolbar).

Note: You may need to adjust some elements (such as the header size and position) to match the other pages in your course, particularly if you're using a custom theme.

For more information on templates:

See the article Template Categories for more information.

To take a course made in Claro using a few of the templates, see the Code Of Conduct Template Sampler:

To watch a video about the templates, see Claro Templates:



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