What are the Flash Settings I can use in the Flash context-specific tab to control or change a Flash movie (swf file)?

You can use a variety of Flash Settings to control or change a Flash movie (swf file).

To use the Flash Settings, click a Flash asset to select it on the stage. Click the Flash Settings tab that appears to the right of the other tabs.

The Flash Settings available include the following:

  • Change an element. The Media Library opens so that you can select another element to Replace the current one.
  • Reset Dimensions of an element if you accidentally distort it.
  • Autoplay the element. Click Autoplay again to remove it.
  • Loop Playback to play the clip over again when it’s done. Click Loop Playback again if you want the clip to play only once without looping.
  • Click Allow Fullscreen to allow the user to view the media in a full screen player. Click it again to remove the option.
  • Click the Properties button to open the right panel. This shows more information about the element details.
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