What are the Image Tools I can use in the image context-specific tab to change or modify an image?

You can use a variety of Image Tools to make changes to an image.

To use the Image Tools, click an image to select it on the stage. Click the Image Tools tab that appears to the right of the other tabs.

The Image Tools available include the following:

  • Add an Action or Hotspot interaction to your image. For more information, see Adding interactivity.
  • Editor allows you to modify the image. See Image Editor.
  • Change an image. The Media Library opens so that you can select another image to Replace the current one.
  • Reset Dimensions of an image if you accidentally distort it.
  • Add/Change Rollover image. Choose an image from the Media Library to use for a rollover. Choose the Rollover and Rollout effects as well.
  • Click Remove Rollover to remove the rollover image.
  • Click the Properties button to open the right panel. This shows more information about the image resolution, alt text, asset usage, and actions.
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