How do I deliver a course made in Claro to students (Publish course)?

There are a variety of ways you can deliver a Claro course to students.

If you have an LMS (Learning Management System), you can publish the course using a Standards such as AICC, Tin Can API, or a SCORM version and then upload the course to your LMS. See Publish to LMS (Standards).

If your LMS is PENS-compliant, you can set up a PENS target so your LMS automatically downloads and imports a published course package. See Configure a PENS Target.

You can publish to SCORM Cloud. It is a hosted player that allows you to connect learners to learning anywhere on the web. There are free accounts available. See Publish to SCORM Cloud.

You can also publish a web package if you don’t require tracking information. See Publish to Web.

You can also publish a Desktop package that can run on a computer desktop. See Publish to Desktop.

You can set up Publishing Profiles that capture a number of test and course options, as well as navigation and behavior choices. See Publishing Profiles.

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