What are the Playback options for audio and video control?

You can control the following audio and video Playback settings:

  • Auto Play: Check this setting to make the audio or video clip play automatically. NOTE: For more information, see Set audio to Auto Play and Designing mobile courses with audio.
  • Hide Controls: Check this setting to hide the player controls. NOTE: For more information, see Hide the audio player.
  • Loop Playback: Check this setting to loop the playback so that the audio or video starts again as soon as it’s done.
  • Allow Full screen (for video): Check this setting to allow the viewer to access the full screen option.
  • Player Skin (for audio): Select Basic Controls or Full Controls from the drop-down menu. Basic Controls (a speaker icon) is the default. Full Controls allows Play, Pause, Mute, scrub, and displays the length of the clip.

To change Playback settings:

  • Double-click the audio or video asset on a page to open the context-specific tab and ribbon. (You can also select the asset and click the tab).
  • Click the feature you want on the ribbon.
  • Change the settings.
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