How do I insert a page from another course (Copy From Another Course)?

You can insert a page from another course into your current course. Copy From Another Course creates a duplicate of the original page or question and places it at the bottom of the LO selected in the course you are authoring. This new page is NOT shared with the original, meaning any changes made to either one will not affect the other. 

Note: Duplicated pages will not retain any Course Styles that may have been applied to the original page.

Note: media assets, resources, references and glossaries ARE shared.

To insert a duplicate page from another course into your current course:

  1. Click Copy from the New section on the Home tab ribbon.
  2. From the pulldown select Copy From Another Course.
  3. Select the course you wish to copy from. Use the Search box if required, and then click a course name to select it.
  4. The course menu appears and a scaled page preview displays.
  5. Select the page you want to duplicate. You can also search for words in the Learning Object and page titles to help you find what you want.
  6. Click Duplicate Page. The page will appear at the bottom of your LO.
  7. Select another page to duplicate or click Close.
Note: If you duplicate a page with a chart into a new course, the chart data remains tied together, so changes made to one chart are reflected in the copy. If you want a unique chart, use must make a new chart.

Note: Custom course sizing is available as of release and may require a custom theme to accommodate the size. You cannot copy or share a learning object between courses of different sizes. You can, however, copy individual pages.
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