How do I copy a course?

There are two approaches to copying a course in Claro: Duplicate, and Share.


Sharing a course creates a new copy of the selected course. This new copy now shares the same Learning Objects as the original course. This means if you make a change to a page in one of the shared Learning Objects, the change is reflected in the other course. If you delete a page from a shared Learning Object in one course, it is deleted in the other course. However, if you delete an entire Learning Object from one course, it is NOT deleted in the other course. This is due to Learning Object re-use. For more information, see Re-use of Learning Objects, Comparison of copy features and re-use of Learning Objects features, and Examples and advantages of re-use of Learning Objects.

Note: If you create a new Learning Object in a copied course, it will not appear in the original course.


Duplicating a course also creates a new copy of the selected course, but differs in that the Learning Objects are reproduced as new Learning Objects in the duplicated course. Learning Objects of the duplicated course are NOT shared with the original. Any changes you make to this course will not be reflected in the original course.

Note: Duplicated pages will not retain any Course Styles that may have been applied to the original page.

Note: In both Shared and Duplicated courses, media assets, resources, and glossary terms are shared between the original and copied courses. If you update the element in the Resource Library (or Glossary) it will be updated in both courses. For Shared courses, If you use the Change option for a media element or resource, the change will be reflected in both the new and original courses. This is not true of Duplicated courses.

To copy a course:

  1. Open the Browse Courses list.
  2. Select the course you want to copy and select Actions.
  3. Select either Share or Duplicate.
  4. Make any desired changes to the title, player layout, or other details.
  5. Leave the “Keep author assignments” option selected if you want to keep the same user assignment as the source course. Deselecting this option will create the copy with only you assigned.
  6. Select Share (Duplicate if you are creating a Duplicate course) to complete.
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