How do I copy a test question and/or practice question?

Both practice and test questions can be copied, and the process is the same for both. Question can either be duplicated from within your existing course, or from another course. This is a quick way to replicate questions for a question bank or to replicate recurring features.

A duplicate is an exact copy of the original question. Any changes will be unique to the duplicate. For more information, see Comparison of copy options.

To make a new question from a current question:

  1. Select the question you want to copy.
  2. Select Copy from the Home tab.
  3. Select Duplicate Current Page from the dropdown menu.
  4. A new question is created at the bottom of the Learning Object (bottom of the Test Questions folder for test questions) and is named the same as the original. Go ahead and re-name your duplicate immediately or double-click it any time to open Edit Question Properties to re-name it.

To insert a duplicate question from another course into your current course:

  1. Open the course where you want to place your new question.
  2. Select the Learning Object where you want to place your new question.
  3. Select the Copy button dropdown arrow from the Home tab ribbon.
  4. Select  Copy From A Course. A Copy From A Course modal will open.
  5. Select the course from which you want to copy your question. 
    Note: If you used this feature previously during your session, the last course you selected will be pre-selected for you. If you wish to choose a new course, click the course name and the course list will be displayed.
  6. Use the Search box if required and then click a course name to select it.
  7. The course menu appears and a scaled page preview displays.
  8. Select the question you want to duplicate. 
    Note: The Learning Object from the other course must be available for use in order to copy from it. If another team member is editing the Learning Object you will have to wait until they have checked it back in, in order to create your copy.
  9. Select Duplicate Page. The new copy will be placed at the bottom of your Learning Object (bottom of the Test Questions folder if it is a test question).
  10. Create other duplicates from the course, or select a new course from which to copy.
  11. When you're done, select Close on the modal. You can now edit and/or re-arrange the new copies within your course.

Note: Pages duplicated from another course will not retain any Course Styles that may have been applied to the original page. If you wish to include the Style, you need to copy it into your course using the Style Manager. 


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