How can I preview my mobile course on my smartphone or tablet?

You can preview a course in Claro using your smartphone or mobile tablet to see how your mobile course actually looks on your device.

Click View and Preview On Device to preview a course on your mobile device. Use a QR scanner to go directly to the course using the QR code, or you can email the link to your device, or you can browse to the course using the URL.

The mobile portal opens and does two things:

  • Automatically filters to show you only the mobile courses you are working on (so you don’t see standard elearning courses).
  • Automatically turns on Preview mode when you launch a course to view it.

If you put the course in Review (Set Review) you can use the Feedback button to add comments about what you see on your mobile device. This works great for any Reviewers you assign the course to as well. They can see the course live on their smartphone or tablet and add comments if they catch a typo or see a missing image or an interaction that doesn’t wok properly.

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