How do I make audio play automatically? How do I set an audio clip to Auto Play?

Generally, it is a good practice to allow the learner to be in control of playing audio or video. However, you may want audio clips to play automatically once something else is clicked or you may want audio narration on a page to play automatically. See Designing mobile courses with audio narration for specific information about mobile courses.

To make an audio clip play automatically when the page loads:

  1. Double-click the audio asset on a page to open the context-specific Audio Settings tab and ribbon.
  2. Click Autoplay.

NOTE: If you click Set as Narration on the Audio Settings tab (or, if you use the Record Narration tool in Claro), Autoplay is set as well.

NOTE: If you do not want the audio asset to display on the page, select it. From the Workspace above the stage, change the Transparency to apply 100% transparency. To find a transparent asset later in order to edit it, you may want to use the Layers panel.

NOTE: You can show an element that links to an audio or video element and any other audio/video that is currently playing (e.g. narration) will pause. It will resume playing once the element is hidden.

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