How do I edit or change an element on my page?

To edit an element on your page, select it. You can then edit text elements right on the stage. Other elements open a context-specific tab at the right side of the other tabs above the ribbon.

Click the element’s context-specific settings tab.

You can change or modify the element and control properties and settings right from tools on the ribbon.

NOTE:  If you have a lot of elements on your page, you may want to lock them in the Layers panel or by clicking the Lock icon on the Workspace to prevent accidental movement.

If you have a lot of elements on your page, you may want to use the Layers panel. Double-click to select the element in the list. NOTE: When the element is selected, handles or a box appears on the element on the page. The context-specific tab and ribbon. opens.

When an element with a mouse event is selected in the Layers panel, all targets for the event are highlighted with a red dashed line in the panel. You can easily see what targets are linked to the event.

NOTE: You can also use buttons along the top of the Layers panel to move selected elements up or down in the layers, add an Action, or Delete an element.

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