How do I check in and check out Learning Objects?

One of the keys to collaborative authoring is checking your Learning Objects in and out. This allows different authors to work together, even on the same course at the same time, but prevents authors from over-writing each others' changes.

You may need to periodically refresh the course structure to see objects checked in or out by other authors.

You need to have an object checked out in order to work on pages in the Learning Object. The object icon in the course structure displays a green checkmark when you have it checked out.

When you are done working, check the object in. Enter a brief comment stating the changes you made.

The object icon in the course structure displays an orange bar and large L when the object is checked in.

Once a course is published to SCORM, objects display a blue L icon.


If the Learning Object is then checked out again, or if it is checked out while the publishing is being done, the icon becomes or remains orange.


The object is now available for other assigned authors to access.

A lock icon appears on Learning Objects that are checked out by another author.

A lock icon will appear on checked in Learning Objects that are part of a course with a Read-Only status. (Enterprise LCMS only)

If you attempt to check out a locked Learning Object and the other author is not logged in, an alert message displays. You can choose to Force Checkout in order to check out the Learning Object. (Note: If the author is logged in, you will not be able to force checkout.)


To check a Learning Object out:

  1. Click a Learning Object in the Course Structure panel.
  2. Click the Check Out button on the Course toolbar

To check a Learning Object in:

  1. Click a Learning Object in the Course Structure panel.
  2. Click the Check In button on the Course toolbar and add a check in comment.
  3. Click the OK button.

To check in or check out all Learning Objects in a module at once:

  1. Select the Module in the course structure.
  2. Click Check In or Check Out to check in or out the entire module. Only objects you have access to will be affected. If another author has objects checked out in the module, these objects will not be affected by your check in/check out actions.

To refresh the course tree structure:

  1. Click the Refresh button on the Course toolbar.

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