Copying and pasting text from other programs or websites

Text copied and pasted from other programs, applications, or websites may contain embedded formatting in older styles or codes. This may impact the way the text looks in Claro (it could be larger or smaller than you want).

Copying and pasting from websites (HTML text) may also introduce other problems, such as embedded images, links, dead links, and relative path links. Claro has no control over this external content.

Claro offers you the option to clean formatting when you copy and paste from Microsoft Word.

You can also use the Clear All Formatting and Remove all markup and HTML from the entire text element buttons on the Home tab.

Alternatively, if you are copying and pasting from another program, you can use a plain text editor to “clean” any embedded formatting before pasting the text into Claro.

Some examples of plain text editors are:

  • Notepad
  • BBEdit
  • Textpad
  • TextEdit (make sure Format is set to Plain Text)
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