The Media Library

The Media Library is where all media is stored in Claro.

To open the Media Library, click the Media Library QuickLink button at any time.

To see our YouTube tutorial video, play Claro Media Browser and Library QuickView:

Filtering and displaying in the Media Library:

  • The left-pane helps you filter media by All Assets in the system, specific Course Assets, or Company Assets. All Assets is a large library, so you need to search for media. Company Assets are intended for media such as logos or branding elements that may be used by everyone. All authors have access to Company assets. Course Assets are associated with a particular course. Only authors assigned to a course can see its specific assets.
  • There are also specific category or type filters and sorting tools as well.
  • There are media filters at the top of the library. Note that you can also view the media in the library as thumbnails or as a list.

To upload media to a specific library or course:

  1. Click the Company Assets or Course Assets library in the Manage Libraries section.
  2. Assets you upload to Course Assets will be uploaded to your current course.
  3. To upload to another course, click the current course name and then select a new course from the list.

After selecting media in the Media Library, you can click Insert to add it to your course page. Your Learning Object must be checked out or the Insert button is disabled.

Click a link below to see specific information about the process to:

See The Media Browser, Optimal Image File Size, and Set or Edit Image Properties for more information.

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