How do I add page transcripts for narration or accessibility to my course?

You can add page transcripts to a course built directly in Claro.

When you publish a course, you can choose to include Page Transcripts or not. If you do include them, the learner can view them in the Menu or by clicking the Transcript button on the navigation bar. You can also use Player Control Actions to open the Transcripts in a course.

To add Page Transcripts in Claro:

  1. Click the View tab.
  2. Click the Page Transcript button.
  3. The Page Transcript area opens at the bottom of the workspace. Simply type or copy and paste text into the field.
  4. Format the text using the Formatting toolbar (click the Arrow in the top right corner of the panel) or use common keyboard shortcuts (formatting includes bold, italic, underlined, bullet or numbered lists, indenting, and paragraph alignment such as left, center, right).
  5. You can press Enter on your keyboard for a new line.
  6. To close the Page Transcript area, click the Page Transcript button again.

NOTE: The Page Notes and Page Transcript buttons toggle between the Page Notes and Page Transcripts tabs in the area below the workspace. See Add page notes to your course for further explanation.

You can also view all of the Page Transcripts in a course and save them as a document for use outside Claro (for example, as a script for professional audio narration)


To export a file containing all page transcripts:

  1. Click the Application Menu.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Click Page Transcripts in the Current Course section.
  4. Click the Export as text or the Export as Excel (csv file) button to save a file.
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