How do I preview a page, current page, or a full course?

You can quickly preview what you’re doing to check what the learner will see. Current Page Preview in Claro is content aware so you preview while you author. Use the Course Console tab on the Current Page Preview to to see updates made on the authoring stage as well as Content API calls used.

Click the Preview Current Page button  on the QuickLinks toolbar to preview the page you are currently authoring, or select the View tab and click:

  • Preview from the View Mode section to quickly check something within the Claro workspace (click Design to return to design mode)
  • Current Page from the Preview section for a content aware preview of the page in a new window with the navigation bars displayed and access to the Course Console tab.
  • On Device to preview a course on your mobile device. Use a QR scanner to do directly to the course using the QR code, email the link to your device, or browse to the course using the URL.
  • Full Course to preview the entire course in a new window with active navigation bars.

Note: Use the Full Course preview if you add Actions, a Hotspot, or an Image Map with Player Controls. You want to verify the Player Controls work properly across course navigation.

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