How do I position, size, layer, lock, and set transparency using the tools along the top of the workspace?

Use the tools along the top of the workspace to accurately position, size, apply transparency, and arrange the elements on your page.

If you need more room on the stage while you work, click the arrow on the top of the Left Panel to toggle the panel closed and open. You can also click the arrow above the ribbon to toggle it open or closed.

Select an element first and then:

  • X/Y Coordinates: Enter numbers in the X and Y fields to position an element according to the pixel coordinates. X is the position horizontally and Y vertically. An easy way to remember this is to think about the image of the wide capital X and tall capital Y. Click out of the field or press the Tab key to set the new coordinates.
  • Size: Enter numbers (in pixels) into the W and H fields to set the width and height. Check the Constrain asset proportions box in order to ensure the image is not distorted. This box is checked by default. NOTE: It is not recommended to use this to re-size images as it only re-sizes the display on the page. This means a large image will still have to load and then will display re-sized. You can use it to determine the area you want the image to fit into and then use the Image Editor to actually re-size the image.
  • Transparency: Use the stepper or enter a number to apply transparency to an image or shape (100% is completely transparent).
  • Lock: Click the lock button to lock an element so that is cannot be edited.
  • Layer: Click any of the layer buttons to move the element to the back or front, or up or down a layer. NOTE: Use the Layers panel for more options.
  • Title: You can enter a new title for an element in the title box.

NOTE: When dragging an element on the stage, hold Ctrl to lock the X coordinate and constrain movement vertically and Shift to lock the Y coordinate and constrain movement horizontally.

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