How do I add basic content (text, image, Flash, video, audio, chart, shape) to my page?

If you are using one of the page layouts, simply click the text placeholder to start adding text. Click a button in the media placeholder to add media such as an image, Flash movie, video, chart, or audio.

You can also Insert content anywhere on a page.

See Optimal image file size for more information about adding images to placeholders.

To add content to a blank page or more content to a page:

Click the Insert tab to add any basic content.

  • Text: To add a new text field, click the Text button. A new text field will be added and the Authoring Environment will take you to the Home tab, where you can style your text using the Font and Paragraph tools. See Styling my Font or Paragraph Text and Copying and Pasting from other programs for more information.
  • Media: Click one of the media buttons on the Insert Ribbon Toolbar to add media such as an image, Flash movie, video, or audio. The Media Browser will open. For more information, see The Media Browser. You can also use the Media Library to search, upload, and insert media. For more information, see The Media Library. See Playback options for audio and video to learn more about these controls.
  • Chart: Click the Chart button to add a chart. For more information, see Create a chart.
  • Web: Click one of the Web  buttons to add an embedded web page or video or a link to streaming media. For more information, see Insert an embedded video or Insert an embedded web page ot Insert streaming media.
  • Interaction: Click Button to open a palette of pre-built buttons that you can add any action or link event to. Click the Hotspot button to add a hotspot for interactivity. For more information, see Add interactivity to your page.
  • Shapes: Click the Shapes button and choose a shape from the dropdown. Click the page to place the upper-left corner of the shape (you can re-size it later) OR drag on the page to size the shape. The shape initially matches the theme design. The Shape Settings context-specific tab and ribbon opens so that you can style your shape. Give your shape a unique title in Properties to help identify it for re-use. You can also add a Rollover color (line and/or fill) to a shape.

NOTE: The Shape tool uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) files to generate the shape on the page, rather than generating a raster image. This makes the shape much smaller in size for downloading than a similar image file such as a JPG. Shapes created using theme colors also inherit the new theme colors if the course theme is changed.

Shapes do not appear in document output.

NOTE: You can rename the title of an element on the element bar at the top of the Workspace.

See Add a rollover state to add a Rollover image with effects to an image or to add Rollover color (line and/or fill) to a shape.

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