How do I edit the properties, title, name or settings of a page?

When you initially add a new page, you can name the page right in the Course Structure. Anytime after that, you can open the Page Properties to change the name, add a description and tags, see the modification history and any reviewer notes.

To edit Page Properties: 

  1. To edit page properties, simply double-click a page in the Course Structure. The Page Properties right-panel opens.
  2. The Details tab in the Page Properties panel allows you to add a Description and Tags to help identify the page for easier searches. To enter multiple tags, enter a space between each one.
  3. The History tab displays page history.
  4. The Notes tab displays Reviewer Notes associated with the page.
  5. The Citations tab displays the citations on the page. To reorder citations, drag and drop them in the table.
  6. Click the Update button after you make changes to save them. Click the Cancel button to leave the page as-is.
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