How do I get started making a course in Claro? A Quick Start guide.

This Quick Start guide takes you through the main steps required to create a new course with basic content and then roll it out to your learners. Let’s get started!

  1. Sign in to Claro.
  2. The SplashBoard opens. Click the Course button under the QuickLinks Create Something New section.
  3. Give your course a name and other properties. Choose a course Theme Design. Click the Submit button when you’re done.
  4. The Claro Authoring Environment opens.
  5. Take a quick look at the Left Panel. The Course panel displays your course which already contains a blank New Title Page within a Learning Object called Untitled Object. The Learning Object is in Module 1 of your course. Double-click the name of a module, object, or page in the structure to re-name it in the Properties right-panel. You can add more modules and Learning Objects using the buttons in the Course panel toolbar.
  6. When you’re ready to create a new page, make sure you click the Learning Object you want to add the new page into.
  7. Now, add some content. Click the Page button in the Home ribbon and choose a page layout. Note: You can also create a New Page From Template. The built-in interactive templates include many different categories and layouts.
  8. Click within a text or media field in the layout to add content. Text placeholders are automatically styled for the Theme Design but you can also use the options on the Home tab ribbon.
  9. Click the media symbol in the placeholder when you’re ready to add an image or other media. The Media Browser will open, allowing you to select or upload your media. At anytime, you can add media such as images, Flash, video, audio, and charts from the Insert tab.
  10. Need more room on the stage while you work? Click the arrow at the top right of the left panel to open or close it, allowing more room on the stage. You can also click the arrow above the ribbon toolbar at the top right to close the ribbon toolbar, allowing even more room on the stage. Click either arrow again to show the panel or toolbar.
  11. For layout and design tools, click the View tab and add guides or grids. You can also Preview your pages here to see what they will look like to the learner.
  12. Use the tools in the Record tab ribbon to add video from a WebCam, still images, or captured screen activity to your course.
  13. Once your basic course is done, click the Narration button on the Record tab to add audio narration to your page. You can also add Page Transcripts that can be read by learners taking the course.
  14. When it’s time to share the course with your development team, click the Review tab and Assign Users. This allows other course authors access to your course for further development or approvals. You may want to use the Page Notes feature on the View tab to write instructions for your team.
  15. When the course is ready for review, put the course in Review Mode and assign Reviewers. Claro sends them an email to inform them that the course is ready. Reviewers can use the simple Feedback reviewer notes feature so that you can quickly track and fix change requests.
  16. When the review process is done and you’re ready for roll-out, Publish your course for use.
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