How do I insert a Hotspot to add interactions?

A hotspot is like a transparent element you can use as a "button" over other elements on your page.

To add a Hotspot and interactivity to your page:

  1. Click the Insert tab.
  2. Click the Hotspot button in the Widget area.
  3. Click an area on your page to position the top left corner of your Hotspot. Once the Hotspot is added to your page, you can drag the handles to re-size or re-position it.
  4. The Action Type panel opens on the right-side of the stage. You can choose an Element Action such as Show, Hide, or Toggle Elements; Apply Effects for animation; trigger Player Controls; or Play, Pause, or Toggle Media Playback. You can also choose an Element Link such as a Web Address (URL), File in Library, or Page Link.
  5. Select a choice and click Next>>. See the topic Element Animation or specific Element Link articles for more information.
NOTE: You can rename the title of a Hotspot on the element toolbar at the top of the Workspace. Giving each Hotspot a relevant title helps you when managing elements using the Layers and Actions panels.



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