How do I add an Action for Player Controls (Course Player navigation buttons: e.g., Forward, Back, Audio, Transcript buttons)?

You can add an Action to a page to trigger Player Controls upon page load (or after a certain period of time) or to an element/button.

To add Course Player Actions on a page:

Upon page load:

  1. Select the page for which you want to add Player Controls.
  2. Click the Interaction tab. From the Navigation section you may: Disable Next, Disable Previous, and Disable Audio buttons. Selecting any of these button will make the chosen Player Control unavailable when the page is loaded.

After time elapsed:

  1. Select the Animate tab
  2. From the Page section, select Timing.
  3. Select Player Controls from the pulldown menu.
  4. In the Trigger section, After time elapsed... is the only choice for Page Player Control Actions.
  5. In the Duration section, enter the time after which you'd like the Action to take effect.
  6. Select the Function you want to call after the elapsed time (see below for more detail on the functions).
  7. Click the Apply button when you’re done.

To a Course Player Action on an element:

  1. Select the element for which you want to add Player Controls.
  2. Select the Interaction tab
  3. Select the Actions button in the Element Interactions area.
  4. In the Trigger section, you can choose When clicked, When double-clicked, When right-clicked, When mouse rolls over, When mouse rolls off, When trigger element shows, or When trigger element hides. This means that when the trigger event happens, the Player Control you choose is activated.
  5. If you want the action to occur after a delayed amount of time, enter that time in the Delay field.
  6. Select the Function you want to call when the mouse event is triggered (see below for more detail on the functions).
  7. Input any Conditions.
    Note: For examples of operators you can use in the Conditions field, see: JavaScript Operators by
  8. Click the Apply button when you’re done.

Player Controls Functions:


  • Go to the next page
  • Go to the previous page
  • Exit the course
  • Show the menu
  • Hide the menu
  • Toggle the menu
  • Reset current page


  • Enable the Mute button
  • Disable the Mute button
  • Enable the Next button
  • Disable the Next button
  • Enable the Back button
  • Disable the Back button
  • Enable both Next and Back buttons
  • Disable both Next and Back buttons
  • Enable the Menu button
  • Disable the Menu button


  • Show the correct answers
  • Submit the current question
  • Take Module Test
  • Start another question attempt


  • Show the Glossary browser
  • Hide the Glossary browser
  • Toggle the Glossary browser
  • Show the Bibliography
  • Hide the Bibliography
  • Toggle the Bibliography
  • Show Resource browser
  • Hide Resource browser
  • Toggle Resource browser
  • Show Page Transcript
  • Hide Page Transcript
  • Toggle Page Transcript
  • Show the Course Search window
  • Hide the Course Search window
  • Toggle the Course Search window
  • Print Current Page
  • Jump to an element
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