What are review exercises or practice questions?

Claro features the option of embedding in-course, non-scored assessments into a course. These are also known as Review Exercises.

To add a Review Exercise:


  1. Select the Learning Object into which to add the Review Exercise.
  2. Click the Review button in the Course panel toolbar. (NOTE: NOT the Review tab on the top toolbar.)
  3. A review exercise is added to the LO.
  4. Next, add a built-in Practice Question from the Home tab or make your own review page.


Built-in Practice Questions

Practice questions (with a variety of layouts and built-in functionality) may be added to Review exercises or you can build your own page. Built-in Practice questions have a number of settings enabled by default and take advantage of default Entrance Effects too. See How do I add a Practice Question? for more information.

What is a Review Exercise?

Review Exercises are challenges presented to the learner. The Reviews are strategically positioned within a course structure to assess a learner’s comprehension of the material presented to them.

A review can be anything presented to the student that reinforces learning. It can be a simple page that says, “If you remember…” or “We have seen that…” or it can be a quiz-type of question that asks the learner to recall some previous facts or correctly identify topics.

How is a Review Exercise Structured?

Each review is an integral component of a specific Learning Object. The intent is to provide a challenge to learners to validate successful transference of knowledge or identify an area of weakness that requires remediation. Remediation can be as simple as recommending the learner review the corresponding knowledge component of the Learning Object, or as complex as presenting the knowledge in an alternative manner, perhaps with more detail. Reviews are a learning mode activity only.

Reviews appear by default at the end of the module in which the Learning Object is located. After the Review object has been added, you can drag and drop the review item to the desired location within the module.

NOTE: You don’t have to add review exercises as Review objects… you can add challenges or practice questions anywhere in your content as pages in a Learning Object. However, there are a couple reasons it makes sense to use Review objects. The exercise stays “tied to” or part of the Learning Object, so the learning content and challenge (as well as any test questions) are part of the bundle. In the event the Learning Object is shared with another course, the review is shared as well. Additionally, you can control the order of reviews within the module. For example, many people like to move Reviews to the end of the module so that learners work through more learning content before the reviews begin.


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