How do I add images to text elements?

You can insert any image from your media browser into a text element with a few simply clicks. The image and text are treated as a single element allowing for tighter layouts and positioning of text and images in online and print output.    

To insert images in text:

  1. Add a text element to the page or open an existing element for editing.
  2. Select Image from the Insert tab, or right-click in the element and select Insert Image from the menu. If you want to select an image from the Media Library, select the Media Library button. To insert a new image, select the Upload button.
  3. Choose an image and click Insert.

To edit the image properties:

  1. With the text element open for editing, double-click the image. The image properties modal will open.
  2. Make the desired changes and click OK when you're done.

From here you can:

  • Add Alternative Text.
  • Re-size the image by entering a value in the Width field (the height will automatically adjust to maintain aspect ratio).
  • Add a Border by enter a pixel value for the line thickness.
  • HSpace allows you to enter horizontal spacing on either side of the image.
  • VSpace allows you to enter vertical spacing above and below an image.
  • Set Alignment to Left or Right.
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