How do I insert stock assets?

The dominKnow platform offers a variety free stock assets including: people, speech bubbles, silhouettes, office supplies, storyboard assets, emojis and much more. 


To insert stock assets:

  1. You'll find the assets under the Stock Assets section of the Insert tab.
  2. Select People to choose from over 30 characters available in different clothing styles and poses. Bubbles has a variety of speech bubbles. You can also choose from Clipart or browse our asset Libraries for storyboarding assets, office supplies, silhouettes, emojis and more.
  3. Select a Character or Category and apply the desired filters, or use the Search field in the asset browser.
  4. Choose the asset you want.
  5. Select a Size using the dropdown menu button at the bottom left of the asset browser.
  6. Click Insert.



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